By Caleigh Wallace & Sophia Argyropoulos

The Fashion Industry is a work in progress when it comes to inclusive fashion. For larger sizes and curvy people, especially with bigger busts, building a wardrobe that makes us feel confident and cute is a lot easier said than done.

As bigger busted babes, we all know the struggle of finding clothes that fit just right. It's common for some of us to size up multiple sizes in order to fit our boobs. Brands should be considering larger busts in their sizing from the get go. Like, come on, it’s not rocket science. 

Some of us avoid trying things on at all, because we know our boobs will either spill out from all sides or end up squished under our armpits. It’s experiences like this that can taint the love we have for our boobs and make it hard to enjoy shopping experiences. It's time for us to celebrate all the wonderful things our boobs are capable of, including looking and feeling comfortable and supported in everything we wear.

We have done some solid research, and with the help of our beloved RAQ Pack, we are so excited to present a curated guide to a Big Boob Friendly Wardrobe. You’re needing a new bra, cute dress, or even basic everyday wear, look no further, we got you! 

If we could do it all ourselves we would, and trust us RAQ Pack, we’re working on it. But until then, here’s a selection of our favourite brands making products that make us big boobed babes feel good. We hope they can do the same for you!

1/ The Ultimate Lingerie Bra

Brand: Caitlin Vee

Our favourite piece: Abbie Underwire Bra in Blue


Size range: 8B to 16G

Caleigh & Sophia's Comments: For the moments you’re looking for a cute and sexy bra but don’t need the serious heavy duty support, this could be it! How good is the cobalt colour… and matching briefs?! We haven’t tried this brand ourselves but so many members of the RAQ Pack recommended it, so we would be rude not to include. 

2/ The Ultimate Dress

Brand: Fayt The Label

Our favourite pieces: 

Size range: Some items 6-20 some 6-24.

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: Fayt (pronounced Fate) has great variety for bigger busted people. We particularly love their dresses which come in bright colours like the marigold/orange we know and love, and bright blue, very RAQ-esque. If you are lucky enough to own a strapless bra that actually works for you (congrats!), we think this dress would make you feel a million bucks. They also have styles with thicker straps that you could wear over your favourite bra. Umm yes please! 


3/ The Ultimate Bikini

Brand: RAQ Apparel

Link to buy: 

Size range: 8D to 18F

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: As much as we like to toot our own horn, this really truly is the ultimate bikini. You may be familiar with our Multi, she’s flexible, reliable and supportive, the kind of friend we all need in our lives! But really, there’s no one else out there like her, straps that can be tied countless ways, you can really express yourself and your style in the Multi-Way, whilst being completely supported.


4/ The Ultimate Sports Bra

Brand: Shefit

Our favourite piece: 

Size range: Xsmall to 6Luxe (see their size guide for more accurate sizing)

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: Okay, we know sports bras are a touchy subject for us RAQ Pack. We can only dream of a bra that sees us through high intensity workouts without our boobs defying gravity. We’re over cupping our boobs with our hands or elbows as we run and wearing multiple bras. So many of the RAQ Pack suggested Shefit. We haven’t tried them ourselves, but all you need to do is watch their product videos to know, the proof is in the pudding. They show their sports bras being tried and tested, in high intensity movement. Also, they have an amazing range of colours to choose from. We’ve added Berry Pink to cart, it reminds us of our Watermelon Fizz summer (take us back).


5/ The Ultimate Casuals

Brand: Asos

Our favourite: The Fuller bust edit 

Size range: Varies, generally 8D to 18J

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: Asos are doing good things when it comes to inclusive and diverse sizing. They have specific product ranges for tall, petite, curve and you bet, fuller bust! We love that they have style variety, plenty of options and an amazing size range. J cups, this ones for you! Alongside the fuller bust range, Asos has a great range of casual wear and everyday basics at an affordable price. A one stop shop, you can do from home!


6/ The Ultimate Boob Tape

Brand: Good Lines

Link to buy: 

Size Range: 6AA to I20 (designed for all sizes)

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: Boob tape. Where do we begin? We have personally tried and tested other brands that literally left us scarred :( We never thought we would want to try boob tape again until the RAQ Pack shared Good Lines with us. Specifically designed for big boobs, we have to say, we looked at their content, and gasped in real life, out loud. The power of this tape is so impressive, it seems like magic. Good Lines offer a variety of widths/strengths and colour tones. We especially love their super considerate and clear directions of how to safely use and remove their tape, which we wish we had known before trying Boob tape in the past.

*Please note we have not tried and tested this Tape. Follow the guides and directions on their website for more info on if this tape is right for you.


7/ The Ultimate Everyday Bra

Brand: Freya 

Our Favourite Piece: 

Size Range: 6D to 16G

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: You may have seen this one in our stories a few weeks ago. Sophia was rocking this bra in black under a casual singlet, lots of you loved it, so we think it deserves a place in everyone’s RAQ wardrobe. Showing our straps can be a fun accessory to any outfit, especially when you want to play with colour. We are obsessed with the pink version of this bra. It is flattering, comfortable and supportive without all the padding, perfect for everyday wear.

Honourable mention to Brava, the best in the biz for providing us busty babes with plenty of options for everyday bras.


 8/ The Ultimate Singlet

Brand: Neuw Denim

Our Favourite piece : the Jonesy Singlet 

Size Range: XS to XL

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: Neuw denim is obviously known for their denim jeans, however, their best product has to be their Jonesy singlet. We had a few people from the RAQ Pack suggest it, but us VVIB’s already know and love this product. Firstly, the colour options, how many are too many? You can never have too many! We appreciate a brand that likes to have fun with basics. This top fits like a dream, has straps wide enough to cover any bra, and hugs our boobs like nothing else. Ultimate comfort, but cool enough to wear out, almost anywhere. The quality of these singlets are so good. The only thing we would have to note is that Neuw denim doesn’t use curve or fuller bust models, so don’t be deceived by the product pages on their website, we think this looks great on a bigger bust. (See below)


9/ The Ultimate Supportive Crop

Brand: RAQ Apparel

Link to buy: 

Size Range: 8D to 18F

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: Although our crop is designed for the water, it really makes for so much more. We find ourselves opting for the crop on hot nights on the dancefloor, for the best absorption and quick dry. Above all, this crop has seen many of us through workouts and rough surf, as well as supported us through everyday wear. The crop looks particularly cute under a loose fitting shirt for the ultimate laxed look. We love how supportive the Crop is, while still showing a bit of cleavage. She’s like a lifeguard, off duty.


10/ The Ultimate Workwear

Brand: SÜK Workwear

Our favourite piece: The cropped Boilersuit ​​ 

Size Range: Short/Long 4 to 30

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: For the creatives, do-ers and hands on workers, SÜK Workwear has got you covered. We love everything about SÜK and what they stand for. Think reimagined workwear that fits right, feels great and was designed to celebrate workers in their diversity. The size range says it all, this really is the gold standard that the industry should be working towards. SÜK offers a variety of workwear options that are built to last. Boilersuits, overalls and trusty pants, we know SÜK has got our back… and busts.


11/ The Ultimate Cosy Jumper

Brand: Australian Stitch

Our Favourite piece: 

Size Range: XSmall to 2XLarge

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: Although outerwear isn’t exactly big boob specific, we’re approaching the cooler months and are giving our bikinis a break. It's essential to have a warm cosy jumper. We can’t go past Australian Stitch. Locally manufactured and ethically made, Australian Stitch’s Box Hoodie has the soft fleecy inside we all love. It feels like wearing your blanket. We especially love their colour range, the Lilac is a RAQ Pack fan fav, so you can’t go past this one.


12/ The Ultimate lounge set

Brand: RAQ Apparel

Our Favourite: 

Size Range: 8 to 16

Caleigh and Sophia’s Comments: A trend that has seen us through 2020, 2021 and 2022 still has to be matching lounge sets. Maybe it was the stay at home orders that saw us push the boundaries of what “Loungewear” could be. We’ve seen colourful prints to weight out the mundanity of neutrals and basic colours. For the first time, we wanted to do more than just Swimwear. We spent plenty of time perfecting our Lounge Shirt and Pants, and we were so excited to see it lived in by the RAQ Pack this summer. Our cow print set is like no other, eye catching, funky and still super comfy. It’s seen us through music festivals, days in the office, and plain old lounging. Styled together or as separates, this set is specifically designed to flatter a bigger bust, and pairs so well with kinis underneath. We think you’ll love it.


Ultimately, there are plenty of brands out there recommended by the RAQ pack, too many to share! So we encourage you to comment our insta post with other brands you love, for all the Pack to see. 

We love to support other brands that understand and resonate with the struggles we face, it proves to us we are getting closer to finding and creating products with big busts and inclusive sizing at the forefront of Fashion’s mind.

We hope this guide shows that there are options out there for us. In the future, we want big boob friendly fashion to be as easy to find as mainstream sizing options - guide free! For now, we feel so lucky to have such a fab community to share all of this info with. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with us, we see you and we hear you.

Caleigh and Sophia xx


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