Fit Guide

Our swimwear is expertly crafted with support, simplicity, and comfort in mind.

Why you'll love our tops

Flexible cups

Designed like a bra, with specific band and cup sizes. 66 bra sizes available.

Firm band with 3 settings*

Adjust the tightness of the band to suit your comfort and support preference.

Adjustable straps

Because we're all about flexibility! Our bikini tops are designed to move with you.


International Size Conversions & Sister Sizes

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Common Questions

How does the new fit compare to a previous version?

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If my size is out of stock, what are my options?

A sister size can be helpful when your true size isn't available. Learn more here

What is a sister size?

Everyone has more than one size option when it comes to shopping for bras and bra-sized swimwear. Sister sizes are sizes with the same cup capacity as your true bra size, but a different band size.

For example, the cup capacity of these sizes is the same: 14D/DD, 12E/F, 10FF/G, 8GG/H, 6HH/I (AU)

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