By Ruby Staley 

At this point I’ve put my favourite RAQ pieces through the absolute ringer – from diving into the ocean or dressing up for dinner with the gals, to getting sweaty on the d-floor at a rave, I haven’t yet found a situation that my RAQ bras couldn’t improve.  
Beyond incorporating my multi-ways and crops into my everyday fits, the only natural next step was to try wearing it while working out. 
@raqapparel Our RAQ VIB’s @Jasmine Wallis and @Ruby Staley put our underwire crop to the ultimate test! 💦 #raqapparel #sizeinclusive #fyp #dcupandup #swimwear ♬ Redbone - HYGH Lofi Music & Lobit & Cooky

Typically, when running or going to the gym, I opt for a tight halter neck sports bra with a tight singlet layered over top for some added support. 

To help me with my sporty exploration, I recruited my friend, fellow big, busted gal and VVIB Jas who is a few sizes up from me in bra sizing to join me in a working out in our fave RAQ Underwire Crops to see if they cut it. 

While Jas does yoga in the Underwire Crops, for a workout, her 12G boobs need a tad more support. That's why she popped on a singlet with an inbuilt crop before walking up to meet me.

I’m a 10DD so I made the executive decision to simply wear the Underwire Crop on its own, rather than adding an extra layer on top, to see how it would fare. 

Previously, I had worn my RAQ Underwire Crops for light exercise like walking and stretching so I was keen to see if it would hold up to a slightly more heavy-duty task.

We both picked our Underwire Crops in black to wear on our little workout afternoon, each adjusting the straps and bands a slightly tighter than we would usually would while relaxing or swimming.

It was a lovely day weather-wise so I rode my bike through the city to meet Jas at the park for our workout session, and she decided to just walk to the spot from her place.

Like wearing a sports bra, I noticed little to no bounce (which is something I actually don’t mind anyway) while on the bike and didn’t notice anyone staring at my boobs while I rode – a plus. 

Once we both got to the designated spot in the gardens, we warmed up a little by doing a few stretches pre-workout, and then jumped into an all-body HIIT session.

We jumped, squatted, lunged, punched, and the girls stayed in the place the whole time. No nip slips, loose straps or harsh underwire stabbing into our chests. A win in the comfortability section, that’s for sure.

Personally, I found that my crop felt super supportive while I was both stationary and jumping around. With the sheer the amount of coverage the design provides, I felt like I could easily wear it again on its own to work out in the gym.

The swimsuit material and internal power-mesh felt easy to move around in and was quick drying which meant any sweat we worked up didn’t stick around for long.

Jas found the underwire crop supportive for walking, could easily do standing workouts, and felt like she was wearing one of her sports bras. 

While cooling down after the session, we both agreed the test was a success – the Underwire Crop could most definitely be worn as a workout bra or top. Although, for those Jas’ size and larger, we would recommend layering a tight top over your RAQ underwire crop for maximum support especially when engaging in high impact activities like jumping and running.

For both of us, RAQ’s Underwire Crop simulated the feeling of our regular sports bras – with the added capability of being able to swim in these ones.

All in all, a wonderful afternoon, and I’ll definitely be adding my library of RAQ Underwire Crops into my regular workout regimes. Is there anything this versatile design can’t do?

You can follow Jas on instagram at @jasmineeskye and Ruby at @rubystaley_.

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