That’s usually not the first thing you’d mention when introducing yourself but for so many years my big boobs have been an identifier. 

I remember my chest expanding overnight as a teen. Going from a B to a C to a D cup within a year (of course, I bypassed the cute Bonds bralettes that all the cool girls had). 

Tears in change rooms were my forte; in-trend tops not budging over my bust, frumpy bras that looked like they were made with the same material as seatbelts and absolutely DREADING swimwear shopping when summer rolled around. 

I’d stare, envious of my smaller friends' string bikinis while I resigned myself to one pieces for the rest of my life. That was until I came across RAQ

The summer I was interning at Fashion Journal magazine, a press release slid across my (virtual) desk. Filled with funky colours, diverse models and well-designed pieces my eyes lit up. They looked like me. Those designs would fit my body shape. I could actually look on trend this summer! 

Since then I genuinely feel excitement, relief and pride whenever I pop anything RAQ over my rack. 

After so many years of spending hundreds of dollars on ill-fitting swimwear, squeezing into the largest possible size at the department store and ending up with a sore neck after thirty minutes, I finally felt supported. 

Not only are RAQ serving up swimwear for bigger boobs with style but they’re also creating an inclusive community. 

From plus-size models to disability advocates and people of colour, RAQ is spotlighting voices and creating an inspirational brand (instead of the usual unattainable aspirational one we saw as teens *insert eye roll here*). 

So, whether you’re a RAQ regular or are finding us for the first time, welcome! 

This space will be chock full of styling tips, Q and A’s from cool people, hacks to make sure you’re getting the right fit and so much more. 

If you’re wondering who’s telling you all about her teenage years, that would be me, Jasmine.

Jasmine wears 12E/F (34F/G US) in our Black Multi-Way Top

I know what it’s like to feel self-conscious even when society told you that big boobs were desirable. I know what it feels like to be sexualised without your consent because of your bra size and I also know what it’s like to find a brand that works for you. That makes you feel included, sexy, free to jump and play in the ocean without a nip slip every two seconds.

If this is also you then welcome to the RAQ pack. 

Pull up a beach towel, pop on your sunscreen, find your favourite RAQ piece and get out into the world, big boobs and all. 

To learn more about Jasmine, this is the link to her website. You can also follow her on instagram at @jasmineeskye and @cultureclubpod.


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