4 mums reflect on motherhood and their relationship with their bodies
How has motherhood changed your relationship with your body?

I feel like it’s held me more accountable. I used to speak terribly about the way that I looked, and having a child, a girl in particular, really made me understand that negative body image is learned. When she was 6 she came into my room and stood behind my door looking at herself in the mirror and said, "Oh, I’m so fat." I felt internal guilt that I had done the same thing to my daughter that my mother had done to me, and that my grandmother had done to her. So now I tell myself how beautiful I am, and now she sees how beautiful she is.


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What do you do as a mum to prioritise yourself?

This is a hard question because a lot of mums don’t prioritise themselves, and I am guilty of that. But one thing that I do is go to the gym every week. My kids come with me, but it’s still my time when I can just switch off and do something for me. I also do modelling. I have learnt a lot about myself through the whole process, learning to love my body and the way it looks. It has made me really appreciate the fact that I have housed two babies.


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What is one piece of advice you would give your past self before becoming a mother?
  1. That motherhood is scary, exciting, and beautiful.
  2. The umbilical cord is cut at birth, but the emotions attached and the bonds attached with your child are for life.
  3. A mother always thinks about her child no matter what age.
  4. A worried mother will do better research than an FBI agent.
  5. You’ll always love your kids.


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What does being a mother look like for you now?

Well, I feel like the luckiest mother alive. I am so grateful that I have three children that I can go to for comfort, for love, and for advice, and usually it’s fantastic advice. The best thing about it is that I feel like I’m getting back everything I gave to them and a lot more.


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