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It’s about damn time (we acknowledged there’s no such thing as a “bikini body”)
When I think of the phrase “bikini body,” I’m instantly transported to the glossy magazines of my early teen years. These trashy volumes were filled with celebrities relaxing at the beach, and whoever did the graphic design added in magnified circles where that celebrity had imperfections.
Ruby & Jas Put RAQ To A Fitness Test

Beyond incorporating my multi-ways and crops into my everyday fits, the only natural next step was to try wearing it while working out. 

I Wore RAQ Everyday For A Week and Here's How it Went

With a full schedule of work and social commitments ahead, I swapped out my go-to comfort bras and favourite crops for the week in favour of a few iconic RAQ designs. Here’s to proving that well designed swimwear isn’t just for the pool.

Milo Hartill is everyone’s favourite “fat diva”

The smile that got many of us through some dark pandemic times, Milo Hartill is everyone’s favourite “fat diva”. We sat down with the lovely Milo to chat all things body acceptance, industry diversity (or the lack thereof), and the importance of having great role models. 

RAQ’s Ultimate Guide to a Big Boob Friendly Wardrobe
We have done some solid research, and with the help of our beloved RAQ Pack, we are so excited to present a curated guide to a Big Boob Friendly Wardrobe. You’re needing a new bra, cute dress, or even basic everyday wear, look no further, we got you!
I took RAQ to a doof/festival, and here's my review

RAQ at the sesh. Who knew swimwear would be perfect festival garb? Probably the team at RAQ, that’s who. Although aesthetically beautiful, I wanted to functionally put my favourite RAQ bikini to test and literally push it to its limits under the hot sun and dust filled site at Pitch Music and Arts Festival. 

Does the body positivity community exclude big boobs?

Over the past few years, the body positivity space has made huge changes for society. But despite all of the hard work, I have to ask; is the body positivity movement excluding big boobs?

How to love your skin with Abbie Chatfield

She needs no introduction, she is the moment. Abbie Chatfield gets candid with RAQ about her relationship with her body, experiences with online trolling and the intersection of the two.

From DJing to her desert island must-haves, come and have a beachside chat with RAQ’s founder, Sophia

If you’re reading this then we’re guessing you’re a fan of RAQ. But do you know the woman behind the bikinis? Ruby Staley sits down for a chat with RAQ founder and designer, Sophia.

I remember my chest expanding overnight as a teen. Going from a B to a C to a D cup within a year.

I remember my chest expanding overnight as a teen. Going from a B to a C to a D cup within a year (of course, I bypassed the cute Bonds bralettes that all the cool girls had). 

Keely on creativity, disability awareness and how to style cute outfits
We chatted to digital creator and chronic illness advocate, Keely about creativity, disability awareness and how to style cute outfits with for bigger busted babes.