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Hi, we're RAQ.

We make bikinis for D cups and up. Designed by busty people for busty people, we’re changing the way you think about swimwear.

Based in Naarm, Australia, we’re a female run brand producing small quantities in limited edition colours and prints.

We currently cater to over 40 bra sizes across cups D to H, with more sizes on the way in late 2022. 

"As a busty woman myself, I always struggled to find swimwear that fit and made me feel good. Change room tears, ill-fitting bikinis, daggy prints — I've been there." 

Sophia, RAQ Founder & Designer

Sophia's Story

I've had big boobs for as long as I can remember. As someone who loves the beach, I felt really limited when it came to my swimwear. I couldn't find anything that actually fit and supported me, let alone reflected my personal style.

Research shows that 60% of people who wear bras wear a D cup or bigger. I was part of a silent majority, yearning for stylish and supportive swimwear. I had no fashion background or sewing experience, but I had the passion and motivation to solve a problem that many people faced.

I launched RAQ in 2018, offering one simple black bikini in 12 bra sizes. Busty people far and wide were so excited! It's our community — the RAQ Pack — that keeps me inspired to continue to create and grow the brand.

As the designer and director of RAQ, I am are committed to progressively growing our size range and developing new designs so every type of personality and body can feel included.

I believe everyone deserves to own swimwear that makes them feel supported and I am on a mission to help as many people achieve that.

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