Requests & Feedback

At RAQ, we are constantly striving to help as many people as possible feel confident and supported in their bodies. 

Our size range includes D-H cup, 8-18 in bands and 8-20 in briefs (AU sizing). We intend to progressively grow our size and product range in-line with what the RAQ Pack wants! After all, our RAQ Pack is the beating heart of our brand.

You can use the form below to submit product requests and feedback. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Frequently asked questions

Why don't you stock my size?

Believe it or not, RAQ is a small operation of 5 people. The design, range planning and analysis of which products are most popular (across style/size/colour) is predominately done by our founder, Sophia.

We try our best to offer as many sizes as possible with the resources, money and time we have. In 4 years we have grown our size range from 12 bra sizes to over 40 bras sizes, and we are very proud of this achievement! In 2021, we introduced band sizes 16 and 18, and briefs 16, 18 and 20.

We intend to progressively grow our size and product range every season and really appreciate your patience.

Why don't you release all styles in each colour?

Being a relatively small brand, we can only afford to order a certain number of units in total. And if you know RAQ well, you know we are obsessed with colour! and prints! and lots of options! In order to include an extra colour in our production order, it may mean we can't offer it in all styles.

As our brand grows, we will be able to order more units in total, and will therefore be able to offer more styles in each colour.

Why is my size sold out?

Ahhh the joys of production planning! It requires a lot of analysis and to be honest, a lot of guessing what will be popular! We don't always get it right. Sometimes we order too much, sometimes we don't order enough. With experience we are getting better at predicting customer demand, so hopefully over time the RAQ Pack will have more of their top picks available to them.