Ethics & Sustainability

At RAQ, we are constantly working towards creating a more ethical and sustainable brand. Improving our practices is at the forefront of our priorities. We have set and achieved a variety of sustainability goals and will continue to work towards bigger and better solutions in the future.


We have created a safe and comfortable working environment for our people. We value our team greatly and appreciate each individual both professionally and personally. 

We abide by Australian Government guidelines, the Fair Work Commission requirements and subsequent award rates that ensure our staff are paid fairly and honestly, with appropriate entitlements. Any time-off is valid, whenever needed. Treating people with respect, and prioritising equality and wellbeing is our utmost priority.

We believe in a supportive workplace. 


The Textile and Apparel industry contributes to over 10% of global carbon emissions, along with having a lasting impact on the environment, we are working towards better practices to ensure our environmental footprint is as green as possible.

RAQ products are designed and sampled in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia) by our experienced swimwear designers and pattern makers. For the bulk production, we work with reputable swimwear manufacturers with the equipment, experience and knowledge to manufacture supportive bra-sized swimwear. At this time, these niche capabilities reside offshore, primarily in China where we have chosen to make our swimwear. We hope to produce our products locally in the future.

Our main supplier has over 20+ years experience, and is certified by reputable organisations including Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and Sedex. 

Our founder Sophia has personally inspected the factory on multiple occasions, providing us with reassurance around the conditions and company practices. Records show that factory employees work 8 hours a day and 2 hours overtime if needed, and are paid a living wage, meaning their remuneration provides adequate income to cover the necessary living costs.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

In 2021, we introduced sustainable packaging solutions. Our garment bags and mailer bags are home compostable and are made from renewable bioplastic film. This process helps to minimise ocean plastics, reduce fossil fuel emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. These bags are printed with non-toxic inks and break down into healthy compost, leaving no microplastics behind. 

To reduce waste, we carefully consider what we put in your packaged orders, with minimal inserts and marketing materials. 

Carbon Neutral Fulfilment

We are pleased to announce that our fulfilment centre has been certified as a Climate-Neutral Company by global climate action expert South Pole. Climate neutrality is achieved by purchasing carbon offsets in proportion to the emissions generated by each order sent out, as well as the emissions generated by the operations carried out at the fulfilment centre itself. This includes domestic and international orders.

Our next step to reducing our overall emissions internationally is to launch a local distribution centre within the US, and we are hoping to do this later in the year as our brand awareness grows in the region. In 2022, we set up a local returns facility in Dallas, TX, to test this process, so if your items don’t fit or you change your mind, you can return them locally within 30 days.

While we build our brand, please rest assured that sustainability is a key initiative that drives our supply chain solutions moving forwards. We hope to provide an update to our US customers later in the year on our progress, but feel free to check back in if you're interested!


We are striving to help as many women as possible feel confident and supported in a bikini. There is still a long way to go in inclusive fashion, but, in 2022, we increased our size range to cater to over 56 bra sizes. Our size range includes D-H cup, 8-20 in bands and 8-24 in briefs (AU).

We intend to progressively grow our size and product range inline with customer requests. We want our community to feel included and supported by our bikinis, after all, our RAQ Pack is the beating heart of our brand. We couldn’t do it without you!

We encourage our community to use our Product Request Form to register their interest in new sizes, styles and colours. Every response is valuable and helps us assess demand for products.

Future initiatives

In order to reduce wastage and landfill, we are setting up a partnership with UPPAREL. UPPAREL recycles dead stock and repurposes it into new products like cushions, socks and construction materials, like insulation.

We are currently in the process of sourcing and sampling with recycled fabric to use for our swimwear. By the end of 2023, we aim to manufacture our bikinis exclusively in recycled fabric alternatives.