Our commitment to providing high quality swimwear in the face of rising costs

Dear RAQ Community,

If you have been following our journey over the last five years, you will have noticed the enhancements we have made to the quality, fit, and size range of our products.

We have also taken steps to reduce our impact on the environment and the people along our supply chain, all of which have added further costs to our business. In addition to this, recent global events have meant that costs such as packaging, energy, freight, labour, and raw materials have also risen.

To continue creating products that offer comfort and confidence to people with a fuller bust for years to come, we are making the following changes.

starting april 3, 2023

We are increasing our prices

We understand this will be disappointing for some of our customers, but we hope most will understand and continue to support us as we strive to provide high-quality, sustainable fashion.

If you wish to purchase a piece from our collection, we recommend ordering prior to April 3 to take advantage of the current lower prices.

We've provided more information below about the changes we've made and what this means for you.

Thank you for your ongoing support

We are so grateful for our D+ cup community and the support we have received over the last five years.

This decision was not an easy one, but was necessary to continue fulfilling our commitment to providing high quality swimwear for people with a fuller bust.

Team RAQ

How these changes result in a better product for you

Well made, longer lasting swimwear

In 2022, we improved the quality of our products by transitioning to a new supplier who specialises in bras and bra-sized swimwear, allowing us to improve our quality control measures to ensure every product meets our high standard for durability and quality.

More sizes to choose from

Our extensive size range spans a total of 56 bra sizes, with new sizes introduced every year.

As a small brand with limited production volumes, our extensive range of sizes results in very few units produced for each size. This approach is financially and environmentally sustainable, but the manual labor and time required for production incur additional surcharges.

A more sustainable choice

In 2022 we transitioned to using recycled materials to craft our products, and all fabrics and components are Certified OEKO-TEX ® meaning they are free of harmful chemicals. 

These fabrics are more expensive than conventional fabrics but we believe that this is a necessary step towards reducing our impact.

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