How to find the right swimsuit

It’s a truth universally acknowledged… that swimsuit shopping sucks. Because let’s face it, most swimwear is designed to the proportions of a standard-fit model. It’s made for mandarins, not melons. Chestnuts, not coconuts. Small fry, not meat and potatoes.

1. Research boutique brands that specialise in swimsuits for your body type.

List out influencers or celebrities with a similar body type to you, and search through their Instagram accounts to identify their favourite brands. Online shopping’s a genius invention, you now have access to infinite brands from the comfort of your own home, particularly innovative online brands with non-standard size ranges. Say goodbye to those unflattering fitting room down lights for good!

At RAQ, we work side by side with super-smart pattern-makers and manufacturers to create styles that are anything but standard, with over 30 measurements and 20 size options for D cup and up. We design our swimsuits so they are guaranteed to flatter, even before you shimmy anything on.

RAQ Busty Women Swimwear

  • 2. First things first, educate yourself on the brand’s styles and sizes.

  • Brands offering an innovative size or product range usually offer comprehensive online fit guides, which include style advice, size charts and fit quizzes so you can determine your correct size based on bras/swimsuits you already own.

    We offer all the above advice in our Fit Guide and on every product page. What’s more, we showcase our styles on multiple women across our website and socials so you can better understand how it’ll look on your body.

    3. Still not confident? Speak to the brand directly and ask for their advice.

    This is the number one way to ensure you nail the style and size, before you place your order. When shopping with boutique brands, the process is more flexible than shopping with a larger department store or label. More often than not, you can communicate in real time with the expert fitters that know exactly how each style fits.

    At RAQ we’re all about customer service – going that little bit further so you don’t have to. You can use our Size Check to find out your correct size, or if you prefer to speak to a human, we offer quick online fittings via DM.

    Size QuizRAQ Size Fit Quiz

    4. Find out whether the brand offers a flexible returns/exchange policy. If so, order multiple sizes, styles and colours to try at home.

    If you have followed the above tips, you are one step away from finding the right swimsuit. If the fit is extremely important to you, ordering multiple items so you can actually try them on, will give you piece of mind before you commit.  

    When shopping with RAQ, shipping, returns and exchanges are no big deal. We offer a risk free 30-day money back guarantee and affordable prices to make it easy for you to try different sizes, styles and colours at the same time without putting your entire pay-check on the line.

    5. Once you find the right swimsuit, order from this brand again.

    Brands aim to keep sizing and fit as consistent as possible across styles and seasons, so if you’ve found the right swimsuit, stick with it. Usually brands repeat their styles in new colours, prints or with slight improvements. Any changes will usually be noted in the product description, but when in doubt, contact the brand to confirm that the fit before you order.

    A large number of RAQ’s orders come from satisfied customers returning to buy their second (or third, or fourth...) swimsuit because they know and trust us. RAQ provides them with a perfect fit in on-trend prints and colorways that no other brands specifically designed for large busts do.

    What’s more, at RAQ, we’ve got a thing for self-improvement. Not because it makes us better people, but because it makes you a better bikini. Ever since we designed our first samples, we’ve been feedback junkies, asking our customers way too many questions about halter straps, brief cuts, prints, patterns and the meaning of life.

    So you can rest assured that you’ll love your new swimsuit just as much (or even more) than your last.

    Good luck!

    Let us know in the comments below, what makes swimsuit shopping a great experience for you?



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    • Josie

      Love this!! Finally a brand that understands how hard it is to find a swimsuit that actually holds these melons in! And you’ve clearly put a lot of time and effort to make the online shopping experience less painful. Thank you for your service.

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