7 fashion struggles you've definitely experienced if you have big boobs

1. Always looking like Pammy at the beach.

    When you're on a family vacation, the last thing you want is to draw attention to your knockers. Let's not even talk about the school swimming carnival or a work retreat with colleagues! These bring back bad memories. 

    2. Never being able to wear cute bikinis

      We've learned to accept the fact, that no, we will not be wearing a different bikini each day of our vacation. Every morning our travel buddies will discuss at length which swimsuit they'll wear that day. "What color am I feeling?" "Should I wear my new ribbed bikini or my low back one piece?" "Oh no, I couldn't wear black two days in a row". We'll just be minding our own business and waiting in the same bikini we wore yesterday.

      3. Boobs always popping out of button up shirts

        That dreaded day when you've got a big corporate interview and society says you MUST wear a button up shirt. We're still slightly traumatised by memories of our school shirt! Let's not even start on work attire. They just don't make it for big busted chicks, like us.


        4. Having to go to specialty bra shops to find a bra that ACTUALLY fits

          Why isn't there a website where we can buy all our bras online? Sometimes we just CBF leaving the house to go get fitted, and leaving the store $200 in debt.

          RAQ Bend It Like Beckham Bra Shop

           5. Wearing granny bras all through our teen years because we couldn't find anything else

          We couldn't say it better than Urban Dictionary so we didn't try:

          Also known as Flopper-Stopper, Sand Bag Sling, Boob Sling, or Potato Sack. Similar in origin to "Granny Panties". Bra which is strictly purchased and worn because of it's supportive nature, typically when the owner's breasts will rest on her belly or point to the floor without it. Every woman has at least 1 that is similar in her underwear drawer. It's white, un-padded, wide strapped, front or back closure with several hooks, with or without an underwire. Can not be classified as "lingerie" as it is strictly an undergarment or soft support with no attractive properties.

          6. Everyone saying "wow, I didn't know your boobs were actually THAT big"

            Oh, are they? I never realized. Thanks for informing me.

            7. People talking to your chest rather than your FACE

            My eyes are up here people!

            8. RUNNING

            We know this is supposed to be "7 fashion struggles" but we have to squeeze this one in (pardon the pun). No need to elaborate though, we know you get it.


            Did we miss any?! Tell us your boob struggles in the comments below 👇👇

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