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How newcomers are driving innovation in the intimates & swimwear industry
With the rapid decline of once dominant intimates brands, newcomers are capitalising on market niches and changing customer desires. In the last 2 years alone, numerous female-lead brands have emerged, offering extensive size ranges, product offerings and inclusive marketing. Unless...
7 fashion struggles you've definitely experienced if you have big boobs
Always looking like Pammy at the beach. When you're on a family vacation, the last thing you want is to draw attention to your knockers. Let's not even talk about the school swimming carnival or a work retreat with work colleagues! These bring back BAD memories.
How to find the right swimsuit
It’s a truth universally acknowledged… that swimsuit shopping sucks. Because let’s face it, most swimwear is designed to the proportions of a standard-fit model. It’s made for mandarins, not melons. Chestnuts, not coconuts. Small fry, not meat and potatoes. 1....